Liquidus FX Fund

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Investment Strategy

The investment objectives of the Fund are to provide Investors with the opportunity to invest in a balanced and cautiously managed portfolio of assets that have been selected with the aim to deliver growth, with attractive returns and high levels of liquidity as an alternative to cash. The Fund intends to primarily invest in Bonds or other debt instruments that have been issued by regulated funds, corporations, or private companies. The Fund may also purchase equity interest in mutual funds.

The Fund seeks to generate capital growth through its diversified portfolio of assets and to generate steady income flows by receiving regular coupon or interest payments.

The Manager may from time to time, as it sees fit and in the best interests of the Fund, vary or modify the investment strategy, or weighting of assets in which the Fund invests with the aim of reducing risk and volatility and increasing profits. The Fund may also be invested wholly or partly in cash and near-cash assets, as well as investment in other asset classes by holding units, notes or shares in other Collective Investment Schemes, securitisations and listed securities from time to time if the Manager considers it appropriate because of market conditions.